A Letter From BET

Dear Madame Vice President, 

There once was a Black woman named Nannie (Helen Burroughs.)
She fought for the rights of Black women to vote.
Too few listened.
Still, she had a saying about us:
“We specialize in the wholly impossible.”

We know the road to get here wasn’t easy.
Blazing trails is hard work.
But breaking barriers is what we were born to do.

You are the very best of us.
Fighting. Winning. Growing. Dancing.
Defying every odd.
Defeating every barrier.

For you, and for ourselves,
We marched. We prayed. 
We pushed. We pulled. 
We organized. We strategized.
And you won. We won.

Black girls and brown girls: we won.
From now on, may our mirrors more clearly reflect our gifts.
May this world value our unapologetic power.

Kamala, You remind us:
Even if it is impossible, 
We were born to specialize in exactly that.

We see you.
We love you.
We thank you.
We fight with you.

For the history you’ve made.
For the ceilings you’ve shattered.
For the work we’ll do together.

This is our love letter to you,
Our Sister Vice President.

In Love,
Your Family